vision misaligned

It’s not that I’m a shallow person. The world just looks to me as if it’s shallow.cross

I have no depth perception. When I was born, the gods were doing this “Build a Geek” challenge, and I ended up with severely crossed eyes. To fix this, I went through eye surgery at about 6 years old, where they cut some of the muscles in my left eye to make it less of a bitch to keep up with. The surgery itself was terrifying, but since my dad lied and told me it was laser surgery, I was merely excited at the prospect of “science-ing” my way to betterness.

I woke up half an hour early, as they were lifting me into a wheeled hospital bed to bring me to my room. They had put gauze and some wire mesh cups that felt like tiny sieves over my eyes to keep me from rubbing them, and in my child’s mind, I initially panicked that I now resembled Jeff Goldblum in “The Fly” (in Fly-form, of course). Happily, I still had human eyes somewhere under all that, and after several days of waking up to take pills and squeeze my parents’ hands for reassurance, I no longer suffered double-vision.

To celebrate, the doctors slapped a pair of Coke-bottle-style glasses on my tiny little face, ensuring I maintained my place on the Build-a-Geek ladder. In the same year, a different doctor noted that I walked pigeon-toed, so at the tender age of seven, I was given leg braces. Somehow, the gods knew that Forrest Gump would win six Academy Awards, and hoped to take advantage of the homage.

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d&d gave me nerdic inspiration

My boyfriend runs a campaign for just the two of us. He’s got me running 3 characters, each of which seemingly had their own storyline and partner or party DMPC(s). He’s woven such an awesome story over the past year now and I can finally see a convergence happening in the near future… This whole thing is glorious, and I’m just so blown away by his storytelling.

I’m working on to starting my own campaign with him and my “Canadian dad”… And as a thank-you for all he’s done (and the times he made me cry by killing my Ranger’s brother or stranding my Bard on an island in the middle of what I thought was going to be payoff for her main arch), I ordered some killer metal dice from SkullSplitter.

Now, in my efforts to keep them in good condition and avoid the crazy loudness of rolling metal dice on a wood table, I scoured the interwebs for a good, lined dice tray… But couldn’t find anything cheap, or justifiably pricey (read: special and unique).

Sooooo rather than drop a metric tonne of coin on Elderwood, I made my own. Spent a reasonable amount at Michaels, had a bunch of fun (despite utter inexperience) and am quite pleased with the outcome.

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Groundhog Day Continues

I’ve always been more of a Marvel girl – well, not the Marvel Girl – but a Marvel fan who is also a girl. Still, as much as I’ve followed Marvel Comics forever, having purchased my first Wolverine at the tender age of six, my favourite superhero has always been Batman.

I’ve never been a fan of Justice League, having always found DC’s pantheon to be full of boring characters (especially a Batmanless Superman). Still, I thought that Bat-trickle would be worth it all. I milked the entire series, including Justice League Unlimited for more Batman and in the process, I discovered something I never expected: Batman isn’t the only thing I could ever love in DCI’ll do my best to whiz through my opinions of the buffet of shows I’ve gobbled down in the past month.

I grew up watching Batman: The Animated SeriesBatman/Superman Adventures, that bubblegum adaptation with Adam West, and every last live action Batman flick, with the sole and very pointedly chosen exception of Halle Berry’s Catwoman. Any time a new Batflick is out, I’m on it like Bane on Venom. Under the Red HoodYear OneDark Knight Returns… It was inevitable that I would eventually run out of material that wouldn’t commit me to a new addiction of pouring my money into a comic subscription. Luckily, two of my best buds in Brooklyn know DC much better than I do, and were ready, willing, and eager to point me to some new stuff.

post mortem: sherlock series 3

Living in Toronto while I work in Miser-auga means my only free time is between 10pm and 6am. This leaves very few non-alcoholic options for spending my time. Thanks to the return of some of my favourite shows, the opinions of the nerds on the internet and the direction of my own tasteful nerd circle, I’ve found a few shows to keep myself entertained.

I must say, it’s been a while since I’ve had this much to watch on a regular basis, and I’ve been mostly pleased.  As promised, I do intend to make my rounds and review those series that have caught my attention. Now, I know it’s a tad late for some of these, but dammit I have an opinion and a keyboard, so you leave me no choice. And don’t make me warn you about spoilers. You’re reading a review posted well after the day of release. Deal with it.

In other news, it’s Groundhog Day. That means that I will repeat this day a number of times until I get it right. That means I will make a different decision each time as to which review I ought to post. That means I will likely be repeating myself a lot, and periodically checking Facebook to see if my friend Joey has posted another status of,  “Phil? Phil Connors???!!!

Ready? Here we go

Take 1 – Sherlock: A Post Mortem
in which i briefly summarize my thoughts on series 3, recall the twistings and turnings of the fanbase, and puke a little in my mouth