Day: August 12, 2017

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d&d gave me nerdic inspiration

My boyfriend runs a campaign for just the two of us. He’s got me running 3 characters, each of which seemingly had their own storyline and partner or party DMPC(s). He’s woven such an awesome story over the past year now and I can finally see a convergence happening in the near future… This whole thing is glorious, and I’m just so blown away by his storytelling.

I’m working on to starting my own campaign with him and my “Canadian dad”… And as a thank-you for all he’s done (and the times he made me cry by killing my Ranger’s brother or stranding my Bard on an island in the middle of what I thought was going to be payoff for her main arch), I ordered some killer metal dice from SkullSplitter.

Now, in my efforts to keep them in good condition and avoid the crazy loudness of rolling metal dice on a wood table, I scoured the interwebs for a good, lined dice tray… But couldn’t find anything cheap, or justifiably pricey (read: special and unique).

Sooooo rather than drop a metric tonne of coin on Elderwood, I made my own. Spent a reasonable amount at Michaels, had a bunch of fun (despite utter inexperience) and am quite pleased with the outcome.

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