dwam: an origin story

In 12th grade, my Creative Writing class was given a writing assignment. We each drew a name from a hat, and were instructed to write a sentence to describe that person.

The descriptions we wrote went into a different hat, which my teacher shook about and then read from. We were then asked to guess whom the description described… and whom the describer might be.

I had only been in that school for about a week, but somehow, I must have made an impression.

She’s a damsel in distress with a .22 magnum.

After accurately accusing him of describing me, I dated that guy for about a year.

In that year, I had a chance to prove him right. Some shit went down, kiddies, and I came out of it with more than a few bad memories. Self-saving damsel became a label I proudly lived by. I wonder sometimes if I would have had the strength and self-assurance to survive life if he hadn’t shown me that that part of me was indeed visible. I doubt he’ll ever read this, but it’s my quiet way of thanking him for being the partner I needed at that point in my life. Crazy bastard knew I was strong before I did.

Now, whether by some complicated series of randomized clicks, or by recommendation, or by my personal insistence, you have apparently found your way to my blog.

Congratulations. You are among a chosen few who will be subjected to my unbridled ego, which I do my best to keep in check in public spaces.

Here, you will find my musings on a multitude of topics, whether they interest you or not.

For a very long time, this blog was just a dumping ground for my random, insomnia-induced thoughts and musings on the (mostly) awesome thing I call my existence. But as I age, I come to appreciate little things like structure. As such, this site will hopefully begin to shape up. I’ve revamped our Categories to be more helpful:

  • Damsel with an Apron
    Food, the eating and occasional preparation thereof
  • Damsel with a Fandom
    General geek stuff
  • Damsel with a D20
    Tabletop gaming and fantasy geekdom, tips, stories, and creations
  • Damsel with a Joystick
    PC and console gaming, reviews, and Twitch-related posts
  • Damsel with a Passport
    Travel and real-life escapism
  • Damsel with a Fully Operational Crafting Station
    Formerly labelled as Arts and Crap
  • Damsel to Dame
    A guide to adulting as painlessly as possible
  • Wham, Bam, Thank You DwaM
    A guide to adult… things… (18+) as painlessly as possible
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I’m open to having guest contributors. If you would like me to feature your post, or give you a space to share your own thoughts and creations, please reach out to me directly via Facebook messenger.

I try and make sure that any and all images I use on my blog are my own, or at least linked to their place of origin.  I won’t be 100% successful with that, however, so I will at least try and note the original creator of the image. If you catch me lapsing on this, please  just comment on my post, or reach out to me directly via Facebook messenger.

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