surprisingly rage-free thoughts on whitewashing

The internet right now is fair teeming with rage on both sides of the upcoming ScarJo cover of legendary anime Ghost in the Shell. I also recently read an article on food gentrification – a phenomenon I’d often noticed but never put a name to – by Sara Peters over at Knowable. I’ve sat out of […]


I watched Logan over the weekend. This isn’t a review of the film itself. Rather, it’s a review of how it made me feel. I held my copy of Origin close that night (but not the individual issues – those are bagged and boarded – I’m not a monster). As a 90s kid, the X-Men were a […]


Groundhog Day Continues I’ve always been more of a Marvel girl – well, not the Marvel Girl – but a Marvel fan who is also a girl. Still, as much as I’ve followed Marvel Comics forever, having purchased my first Wolverine at the tender age of six, my favourite superhero has always been Batman. I’ve never been a […]

post mortem: sherlock series 3

Living in Toronto while I work in Miser-auga means my only free time is between 10pm and 6am. This leaves very few non-alcoholic options for spending my time. Thanks to the return of some of my favourite shows, the opinions of the nerds on the internet and the direction of my own tasteful nerd circle, […]

my thoughts on the new lex luthor

So, apparently WB announced the actor cast as Lex Luthor for teh new Batman vs Superman movie. I hold a firm belief that the conversation prior to this decision went a little something like this: “Who should we get as Luthor?” “Oooh what about Bryan Cranston?” “Who?” “You know.. Heisenberg! Like in Breaking Bad. Y’know.. […]

post mortem: first class almost makes up for wolverine. almost.

In typical nerd fashion, my friends and I made a b-line for the theatres once X-Men: First Class was released.  For a number of reasons, I really wasn’t expecting much more than a sore face.  You know, due to excessive facepalming. What were those reasons?  There was the gruelling experience that had been X-Men Origins: Wolverine. […]