my thoughts on the new lex luthor

So, apparently WB announced the actor cast as Lex Luthor for teh new Batman vs Superman movie.

I hold a firm belief that the conversation prior to this decision went a little something like this:

“Who should we get as Luthor?”
“Oooh what about Bryan Cranston?”
“You know.. Heisenberg! Like in Breaking Bad. Y’know.. Jesse & Heisenberg?”
“Ohhhhh YEAH!” [feigns understanding]

3 days later, this happens:
Meet your new Lex Luthor: Jesse Eisenberg
Oh, and Jeremy Irons is Alfred.
A lot of fans have declared for or against the casting for each major role in this film so far… but I for one will make my decision only when I’ve seen the movie.  ‘Til then, I’ll just huddle in my room with my laptop and devour popcorn while Kevin Conroy and Tim Daly make my geek ears tickle.

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